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Comments by Sharon Malone on Sunday, April 27, 2008  

I opened up this site to check informatin for my daughters school presentation on her family history. The first guest book I saw was from Logy Bay (down the road from where I grew up). I have not resided in Newfoundland since I was child but this kind of information access is wonderful and this is a lovely site to visit. It takes me home again and I have not been there for many years.
From: Edmonton, Alberta
Comments by Gabe Kavanagh on Friday, April 4, 2008  

I was sitting here in my office today when one of my co-workers asked me where I was born. That promted me to researce Logy Bay. I thoroughly enjoyed the site.I am proud to say that I was born in Logy Bay. Our home was located on Logy Bay road near the Red Cliff turnoff. Our family Kavanaghs moved to St John's (Signal Hill back in the early 50s when I was a young boy. Seeing this site definately brings back fond memorie and I thank you.
From: 16071-123 St, Edmonton,Ab T5X2
Comments by Taylor Hickey on Sunday, January 20, 2008  

Used this site for a big social studies project.
It was a big help, thanks alot! :)
From: Outer Cove
Comments by D. Kelly on Wednesday, January 16, 2008  

In the 1966 Teachers picture, Mary Kelly is 2nd from the left.
From: Middle Cove
Comments by Donna Pine Summers on Friday, November 23, 2007  

In looking at the photo of the teachers, dated 1966, I think. I realized, Christine Quinlan, Jean Walsh, Dallas Hawco and Mary Jonhson all boarded in our house while they taught in Outer Cove. It's amazing how young the teachers were in those days.
From: C.B.S. N.L.
Comments by Sherry Best on Sunday, October 14, 2007  

Just wanted to say this is a lovely site. My husband grew up in Middlecove so I was looking around for some site of there. I have heard many stories and have been there a few times. Beautiful place. I can't wait to take our kids there to play on the beach. Keep up the good work
From: Lr Sackville NS
Comments by Jane Doran on Saturday, July 21, 2007  

Hi Jane, Love the website, It makes me so homesick, Love the old pictures, coming home again this year. Had a great time last year. Hi to everyone.
From: Brampton, Ontario
Comments by Kevin & Jane Elliott on Thursday, July 5, 2007  

I would love to receive Stories, I tried having a story section a few years back however I never received any submissions so I removed the section. So if you have any stories/history please send it along. Also we are going to add a "People" section to the site. We what to highlight people/groups from here who have help promote the area through their music, photos, paintings etc.
If you have any suggestions for the site please send them along.
Kevin & Jane
From: Outer Cove
Comments by Sheila Ozon on Thursday, July 5, 2007  

I have been co-ordinator of the local museum for a number of years now and it is always great to see people sharing stories of olde so it sure is a good idea to have a story section. We always try to organize interviews with seniors before that oral history is lost but sometimes we miss opportunities.
Kevin and Jane have gone beyond with this site. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
From: Cadigan's Rd
Comments by G. Frank Power on Friday, June 22, 2007  

Great to see so many people home and away getting involved in this site. Saw some familiar names particularly the Perkins Family who used to live next door to us on Caddigans Rd in Logy Bay. My parents Bill & Patsy Power recently moved to a new home on O'Neill's Rd just a few houses up from me. Some people may recall years back O'Neills Rd. was just a path but now it is paved and there are a dozen houses on our road now.There was also a natural spring here on our road that a lot of residents used to draw water from it. Around the corner from my house on the other side of Lower Rd children still swim in Whelans Falls that is located in Savage Creek. I notice each year there are still a few residents putting up "May Bushes" namely Harold Kelly , Mike O'Rourke and Dave Hickey. My grandfather Wm. Power always used to put one up for years and it brings back memories of him doing that. Also recall him plowing the vegetable gardens using his horse "Molly" and storing the vegetables in his root cellar behind what is now Laurel Willow Close a new culdesac. I bet some of you can also remember the fisherman had a manual cable system to haul up their boats on Middle Cove and Outer Cove beaches. Can you recall going to the "scurries" near the Marine Lab to pick blue berries? Enough for now and I will certainly contribute to this site with photos stories etc in the future.Keep up the good work Kevin & Jane and perhaps a story section is in order to allow residents to give recollections of happenings and events that took place past and present in our fine town.
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