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Comments by Marilyn on Wednesday, September 9, 2009  

Hello everyone. I am trying to do a family tree for my Mom's 80th b'day. I am very stuck at her gr grandparents Patrick (maybe william) and Johanna Maher. I did manage to find that Jo was born in 1839 and died in Logy Bay 1929. She is buried at Mt. Caramel in St. John's. I also found her living with young couple John and Annie Mcgrath and she was listed as grandmother to one of these two. Also on census it stated she was born in Outer Cove. Any info would be wonderful. email
Thank you. Marilyn
From: Barrie, Ontario
Comments by John Wade on Monday, July 27, 2009  

I was born in St. John's but grew up in the States.
My mom--Catherine Boland--is from Outer Cove.
I saw a lot of familiar names on this website--Croke, Hickey, Deveraux and, of course, Boland.
I'm thinking of going to the Regatta next year and would like to look up some relatives when I get there.
From: Galveston Island, Texas
Comments by Lorraine on Friday, July 24, 2009  

I believe that my great granfather Louis Malloy or Molloy was from Outer Cove. His father was Andrew. His brothers were William and Joseph. He also had a sister. His children were Frank, Louis known as Edward (my grandfather), James, Margaret and Marie. His wife and the Mother of his children was Agnes Powers. Does anyone know the family?
From: Fairfax, VA
Comments by Dallas Power on Saturday, July 18, 2009  

WOW, It is so good to see where everyone is I taught in the little red school house and the new school from 1965 to1995 the teacher picture is all the staff of 1965 at the Candlelight Restaurant in St. Johns on the last day of school. there is Christine Quinlan,Mary Kelly,Linda Fisher,Jean Walsh,myself,Mary Johnson,VirginiaStamp and right on the edge Rosella Dyer
From: 1232 Torbay Rd. Torbay
Comments by Jeannette on Friday, July 3, 2009  

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE.....You show the views of the area I appreciate the most.
From: Portugal Cove - NL
Comments by Melissa on Tuesday, May 26, 2009  

I would like to say "Great Site" I'm am a new res. to Outer Cove, Havn't been here a year yet..But I DO LOVE IT SO..I give hats off to The town for the efforts they do to keep their res. happy...Thank you so much.
From: Lower Road
Comments by Al Dillon and Deb Breen on Saturday, May 2, 2009  

Great site...thanks for the effort in providing information on our community to others. Truly a well structured and informative site.
From: Pine Line, Middle Cove
Comments by Gloria Ahrendt on Tuesday, February 10, 2009  

Doing some research on our family history (we were born in Montreal)and found out recently that my grandfather was born in Logy Bay, Nfld. in 1876 - his name was Charles Croke. His father Thomas Croke was born in PEI in 1854 and we are still tracking down his parents who we believe were born in Ireland and emigrated. Thanks for the interesting website on Logy Bay and if anyone there can has any information on the Croke family history please email me.
From: Port Moody BC
Comments by Chad Roche on Monday, January 19, 2009  

This site is sooooo awsome!!!!!!!
From: 2 Chad's Lane
Comments by John O'Brien on Tuesday, October 28, 2008  

Dad was Bill O'Brien (Hickey was his Mom's maiden name}.
Dad's brothers are on the St. John's monument and his Mom was most berieved mother in Canada during WWII. She lost most of her sons during WW II.
Dad use to tell me about the "fighting O'Brien brothers" Din, Dave and Mike at the dances they had. Mike was a blacksmith, Maurice youngest of the dozen brothers, went down with the HMS Forfar. Is said that he let an injured Nfld. friend take his place in the crammed lifeboat. Swam off to find another life boat in frigid waters and never was seen again.
Bill O'Brien (my Dad) was a fisherman out of Boston for 40 years. Dick Dobbin was his skipper for most of that time. jack Kelly another skipper as well.
Kitty Fulrong O'Brien (Poucd Cove Furlongs Jane and John) was my special Mom and Grandfather. Mom was wonderful and had hundreds of friends when I grew up in a Newfoundlander faily in Boston. I miss them one and all. Newfoundland rests well in my blood. John O'Brien Boston Cop retired
From: 127 Clare Av Boston, MA 02136
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