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Laying of Transatlantic Cable at Middle Cove


A transatlantic cable from Porthcurno, near Lands End, England to Middle Cove Beach was landed on August 23, 1953.  The cable itself was one inch in diameter and weighed 2.6 tons per mile and measured a total distance of 15,252 miles.  It was laid by the Monarch, the largest cable ship in the world at that time, at an average speed of six knots.  Oil drums, connected to the cable with the use of heavy ropes, were used as floats.  It was brought ashore by a small boat and hooked to a tractor which pulled it the rest of the way.  Because of bad weather it took several attempts to land the cable.  Cable connections from Middle Cove by sea to Nova Scotia and by land to St. John’s were later made to complete the final link.

Source: The Logy Bay - Middle Cove - Outer Cove Heritage Committee

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