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The SPA of Logy Bay

One of the best kept secrets of this area was the mineral spring located in the vicinity of the Ocean Sciences Centre in Logy Bay.  It is believed that the spring was situated approximately 20 or 30 feet from the edge of the cliff below the present-day parking lot of the Ocean Sciences Centre.  Though known by early settlers for its curative water, the spring was not “discovered” by outsiders until the mid 1800’s.  In the 1850’s, Dr. Keilley, a well known St. John’s physician, in one of this house calls, drank the spring water at Logy Bay.  Dr. Kielley, was intrigued by the spring’s local reputation for healing.  With the help of Captain Prescott, Governor of Newfoundland, a sample was sent to Sir William Herepath, a well known British Scientist, to be tested.  Herepath’s results indicated that he spring water contained high quantities of Bicarbonate of  Iron, even more than the famous King’s Bath in Bath, England.  In a letter to Governor Prescott, Herepath wrote:

“I believe that the waters could be used with advantage if arrangements could be used with advantage of the water’s curative powers.  Despite its promise as a tourist attraction, the venture failed and no other attempts were made to encourage the spring’s development.”

Unfortunately, the spring has not been used for many years and its potential has been forgotten.  Today the location of the spring is somewhat uncertain and may be overgrown. 

Source: The Logy Bay - Middle Cove - Outer Cove Heritage Committee

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