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Teachers 1966

Grade 4 1962
Grade 3 1967 or 68
Grade 5 1967 or 68
Grade 8 1973/74
Grade 4 1974/75
Grade K 1976/77
Grade K 1977/78
Grade K 1983 or 84
Grade 3 1983
Grade 4 or 5 1983

Grade 4 1993

Other Activities
Terry Fox Run 86


St. Francis of Assisi Grade 3 Class 1967 or 68

First Row:  Ronnie James, Gary Boland, Mary Roche, Deanne Kinsella, Shirley Boland
Second Row:
  Brenda Rose, Pat Hickey, Drexel Boland, Sean Roche, Dennis Boland, Mary Jackson, Debbie Noseworthy, Loretta Jackson, Cyril Coombs
Third Row:
  Jenny Devereaux, Mona Hancock, Marilyn Hickey, Gerald Jackson, Doreen Cahill, Tommy Cadigan, Donnie Roche, Donna Cahill,  Maureen Hickey, Coleman Stack, Margaret Lockerbie, Audrey Ozon
Fourth Row:
  Joan Kelly, Gerard Croke, Cathy Cadigan, Cynthia Devereaux, Richard Cadigan, Angela Hickey, Jimmy Houston, Steve Mahon, Mary Lynn Devereaux, Marion Pine
Teacher:  Ms Valerie Fowler


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