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Regatta Crews:
1901 Outer Cove
1923-26 Outer Cove
1928 Breen's East End
1981 Outer Cove
1982 Outer Cove
1983 Outer Cove

1985 Outer Cove

1989 Outer Cove

2001 Outer Cove

2005 Canada Games


2001 Regatta
Outer Cove/Hibernia Ladies

2001 Royal St. John's Regatta Female Memorial Race won by Outer Cove/Hibernia Ladies Crew: Don Feehan (Cox); Michelle Mooney (Stroke); Ros Devereaux; Delores Wheeler; Frances Kavanagh; Barbara Cadigan; Chris Power; Gerry Peach (Spare)

Note: Believed to be the first female crew from Outer Cove


Source: Rosalind & Owen Devereaux, Logy Bay 

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