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1901 Outer Cove
1923-26 Outer Cove
1928 Breen's East End
1981 Outer Cove
1982 Outer Cove
1983 Outer Cove

1985 Outer Cove

1989 Outer Cove

2001 Outer Cove

2005 Canada Games


1985 Outer Cove/ Regatta Ford Intermediates
Time 9:30:65

1985 Regatta Outer Cove Crew 1985 Regatta Outer Cove Crew

1985 Winning Crew: Cox: Mike Power, (Stroke) Pat Hyde, Dave Kelly, Frank Power, Darin Hyde, Greg Morris, Paddy Dyer (coach) Bill Power

This was the first year ever the Outer Cove/ Regatta Ford Intermediates participating in the Royal ST. John's Regatta and rowed a record time of 930:65. Four members of the crew were young enough to row in the Juvenile division that year.

Source: Frank Power, Outer Cove

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