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1982 Regatta Outer Cove Crew
Time 9:03:48

1982 Outer Cove Winning Crew: Mike Power (cox); Andrew Boland (stroke); Bert Hickey; Campbell Feehan; Gerald Ryan, Jim Hibbs, and Owen Devereaux

Source: Rosalind & Owen Devereaux, Logy Bay

In 1981, when Smith Stockley broke the famous 9:13, it was as if somebody had plunged a dagger through the heart of Outer Cove.

After all, it was a crew of
Outer Cove fishermen which held the 80 year old record, and now the mark belonged to a crew primarily made up of rowers from the rival Quidi Vidi Village.

In the fall of 1981,
two brothers Mike and Bill Power put together six men whose sole intention was bringing the record back to Outer Cove.

Stroke Andrew Boland, Bert Hickey, Campbell Feehan, Gerard Ryan, Jim Hibbs and Owen Devereaux didn't disappoint.

In the Men's Amateur Race, the first race of the day, the 1982 Outer Cove men's crew gave the most dominating performance in a single race, covering the course in an astounding 9:03.48.

After reestablishing the record and winning the Men's Championship Race later that day, the pride was back in Outer Cove.

It should be noted that our government member at the time Tom Hickey also provided a rowing shell  he obtained from the Placentia area for the crew to train in at virginia waters. This was also instrumental in helping them achieve success with the extra training this allowed as a result of having their own rowing shell.

Mr. Bill Kennedy helped organize fundraising to allow the crew to travel to the Montreal Olympic Boat Basin training facility . Through this trip Bill & Mike Power also gained great knowledge regarding proper training methods and rowing technique which they passed on to many local oarsmen and women throughout the years. Many of the oarsmen they trained have achieved great thing over the years at the regatta.

With the exception of Boland, who joined the RCMP shortly afterwards, each of the five remaining Outer Cove rowers went on to enjoy further success on Quidi Vidi Lake.

In 2000  Stroke Andrew Boland, Bert Hickey, Campbell Feehan, Gerard Ryan, Jim Hibbs and Owen Devereaux as well as Mike & Bill Power we inducted into the Royal St. John's Regatta Hall of Fame.

Source's: Industry Canada & G. Frank Power, Outer Cove


More 1982 Photos

More then 100 vehicles lined up to honor the Outer Cove crew. The village recreation association hosted a parade to mark their smashing the 1901 Regatta time. The crew climbed aboard the Blue Peter once again but it was on dry land, aboard a flat-bed for the parade which would its way from the boathouse lakeside to Outer Cove and back into the city. The crew was also honored at an evening dance in the community; a dance which got underway at 9:03:48 p.m. at St. Francis of Assisi School.

Source: Rosalind & Owen Devereaux, Logy Bay

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